Aplikasi Trading Forex Terbaik 2021

Aplikasi Trading Forex Terbaik 2021

Lantanriau.com.- Forex trading application is a service exchange foreign currency transactions in the form of mobile applications in order to obtain information on buying and selling decisions.

Applications forex course available in a smartphone based on Android and iOS to support trading activities and investments.

The existence of this forex application serves to get the ease of reading the price movement as well as a chance to profit obtained more quickly and easily directly.

Basically the usefulness of this application allows you to not have to constantly monitor, analyze, and determine you to open positions in order to profit.

There are various types of applications that you can use to make the forex trading activity, using a forex broker trading application and the application of non-broker.

Applications forex trading broker is an application that is provided directly by the brokerage company that works to help you maximize the performance of trading and when you use a broker application, make sure that you choose the best forex broker.

While non-broker application is an application developed by an individual or group that is not provided by the brokerage firm.

Best Forex Trading Application
Here is the best forex trading application for beginners and experienced.

XM Global Limited (Trading Point of Financial Instruments UK Limited)

XM Group first launched in 2009, XM is a broker Straight Through Processing (STP) with a quality service providing professional level that far exceeded customer expectations.

XM has been overseen by the CySEC (Cypress Securities and Exchange Commission) and ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments) are just two of several regulators in the world.

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XM provides trading activities with them to be more comfortable, safe, and enjoyable by offering the function of a separate account (segregated accounts).

Advantages and Disadvantages XM

There are several advantages and has only one drawback, namely dealing desk or forex brokers that operate as “traders” who make money through spreads and provide liquidity to clients, brokers are sometimes called as a market maker. Advantages that exist on XM, among others:

Account Type XM

XM has 4 types of accounts offered and each account is registered has a demo account features for the novice trader to trader familiar with the atmosphere and the way of working on the platform. Here are the types of accounts that exist on XM, among others:

Micro account

Micro account is a type of account that provides contract 1 lot = 1,000 with a variety of leverage options, which is 1: 1 to 1: 888 (5 USD to 20,000 USD). This account has a negative balance and protection against the spread on the main pair as low as 1 pips and no commissions and hedging techniques are allowed.

Standard account

The standard account is the account type that offers more choices, ranging from a selection of bonus, assistance from staff XM, better access to existing features, and so forth. This sets the standard account minimum deposit of 5 USD and using standard contract size lot.

account Executive

Account is an account executive highest that is XM, because the minimum deposit on the account is 100,000 USD. If you choose to use this account, you can access all the services offered by them, such as advanced charting and also personal account management that will send notifications to your smartphone when there are any small movement in the market.

BACA JUGA :  3 Aplikasi Forex yang cocok untuk pedagang pemula

Zero account

Zero account is an account lows in XM, this account offers lower spreads from 0 pips, leverage up to 500: 1, free of charge on deposits with a minimum deposit of 100 USD and withdrawals as well as allow users to use EAs (EA) and also hedging techniques.

Applications Trading Forex Metatrader 4 (MT4)

MT4 is software (platform) that is commonly used forex trading and is supported by most forex brokers today. Meskipu

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